Inclusivity, Diversity, and Sensitivity…Oh My!

One of the things that I’ve striven for while writing this blog is inclusivity. While my own experience as a privileged white woman has probably bled through in my writing, I have always attempted not to make universal statements or assumptions about the people reading this blog. One of the ways in which I thought I had been most successful in bringing in other identities and “voices” was through my picture choices. I didn’t just feature stock photos of white children and families. I didn’t just feature boys or girls. I was inclusive. I was diverse. I was sensitive.

Occasionally uncomfortable Google searches (such as Down's Syndrome student) lead to great images such as this one of a dance class. (Image Credit:

But then yesterday, when I went on Google Images hunting for a picture of a little girl in a princess outfit, I came to a sudden and painful realization. I had been completely ignoring people with disabilities as I had been so focused on racial diversity. My Google searches of “Asian girl at computer” or “white boy at computer” suddenly seemed inadequate. Diversity and inclusivity are about so much more than race, gender, or any other visible characteristic, but I feel that including pictures that a greater majority of readers can then identify with is incredibly important, especially as this blog focuses on education.

At Tutor Doctor WNY, our students are from many different backgrounds. We have gifted students and special needs students, students from rural parts of Genesee County and the urban centers of Rochester and Buffalo. Because our students are diverse and are continually showing us the strength of diversity, we pledge a continuing commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and sensitivity on this blog. If there are any ways that we can improve our performance in this area, please feel free to let us know your concerns or suggestions.


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  1. Wonderful post today. Very nice job.

    I look forward to your future writings!

    Enjoy Writing? Writers Wanted

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