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After almost a year of blogging, I finally feel as though I’ve started getting into the swing of things. Blogging for a company is different than being a personal blogger, but Tutor Doctor WNY has given me the opportunity to explore issues of education, organization, nutrition, and life in general with so much freedom that this blog has often felt like a personal blog. We’ve certainly had our ups and downs as far as readership has gone, with some months beyond our wildest expectations and others that have been sad, significant dips. In any case, it has been our privilege and honor to blog to those who have read our blog, and now thanks to one of our readers (Vicky the Northern Chicky, who keeps a fantastic blog running that we absolutely recommend for all of our readers), we have been nominated for a Sunshine Award! In keeping with the terms of being an award winner, here are my answers to the 10 Sunshine Award questions.

Favorite Color: A sunset orange color (which is, incidentally, the color of my brand new $14.99 purse from TJ Maxx!).

Favorite Animal: Sloths, no matter how many toes!

Favorite Number: 3. I’m not sure why.

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink: A can of Arizona Green Tea with Honey.

Prefer Facebook or Twitter: Twitter. Facebook just seems to make me into a green-eyed monster lately, and I spend a lot less time on Twitter.

My Passion: I’m still searching for that one, but I think it has something to do with social justice and debating.

Prefer Getting or Giving Presents: I’m not very good at giving presents, so I still prefer getting!

Favorite Pattern: I like all patterns, but I think my current favorite might be multi-colored polkadots.

Favorite Day of the Week: It used to be Thursday, when my family did pizza night and watched Survivor. When I had grad classes, it was Monday, because I had no classes and I got to volunteer tutor. Now, I’m not sure. Every day sort of feels the same.

Favorite Flower: Gerber daisies for a bouquet, orchids for potted plants, and tulips for a garden plot.

My Nominees: Coming soon!

Again, a huge thank-you to all our readers, and especially Vicky the Northern Chicky, for all your support!


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