Sunday Morning Shout Out

Driving around doing errands the other day, I was reminded that Administrative Assistant Day is coming up next week. While I have nothing against administrative assistants, it got me thinking about my own holiday I am starting. It’s called “ Happy Mad Dash Parenting Day”

“Happy Mad Dash Parenting Day” has its origins, well, in your parents. Perhaps you first learned about it as you were, unbeknownst to you, driving your own parents’ mad dash. Maybe you first noticed the sweat beads on their foreheads as a young child asking for the umpteenth glass of water before bed. Or, perhaps you first spotted a slight parental twitch when you went on a sleep-over and decided to come home at 11pm at night. No … I know, it was the strange way your mother grit her teeth every time you came home excited to do an end of term project. Could it be that it was due in two days and half of your grade was based on your project?

Mad dash parenting seems more the normal then the exception for most parents at least at certain times. Sweat beads, slight parental twitch, and grated teeth at the moment, we are trying  to negotiate a dance class and two separate baseball practices for our daughters tomorrow night.  There is also a birthday party to be had this weekend. (Don’t these things sound good when we are considering them months earlier? So break out the , EMERGENCY CHOCOLATE! This is a signature food of this special holiday. Give me instant energy and yum! Top that with a cup of strong java, the official drink of this holiday. Who needs sleep with this holiday  favorite?  Make sure you wear your festive attire! Any old thing laying around will do. Don’t worry about that button you missed on your shirt! It’s not a look of disheveled you are sporting, but one of festivity that connotes you’re really participating well in the mad dash. It mixes nicely with the sweat beads, twitch, and grated teeth anyways.

So when you see a fellow mad-dasher, remember that this is all just a state of mind. You can give them a “happy mad dash parenting,” card, some chocolate, coffee, or just a big bear hug in sympathy.  Someday soon the children will be grown and we will be bystanders watching our own children, with their children, doing the mad dash. Walk anyone?



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