After being back at my parent’s house for a month, I feel as though I’ve finally gotten back into the swing of things. I’m not as irritable as I was when I first got home. I’m more likely to sit downstairs in the living room in the evening to do my reading or my internet surfing or watch TV with the family than migrate up to my room to spend a few hours alone. 

And now, just when I’m starting to feel comfortable again, it’s time to head back to school. This will be the last time I absolutely have to be back at my apartment out east, because while I do need to maintain a residence for scholarship purposes within commuting distance of my school, nothing says that I actually have to be staying in that residence. 

Over the past eight months, I’ve been back and forth between my apartment at school and my parent’s house. The worst part is always the transition. Coming back home is hard, and going back to my apartment is hard too. But the important thing to remember is that all transitions are impermanent.

What are some transitions that are hard for you?  


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  1. i have given up my whole life to care for my brother. no dating, no just getting in the car and go to where ever, but i would not trade this for anything . there will be a time when i can not help him anymore, and then i can pick up my life again

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