You Don’t Know What You Got ‘Til It’s Gone

As part of my entrance into the blogverse, I started reading other blogs. The wealth of material available through blogs has constantly amazed me. From cooking and gardening blogs to parenting blogs and education blogs, the amount of creativity, beautiful photography, and knowledge that is being shared, all for free, has truly enriched my life. One of the more recent trends I’ve been noticing is minimalist living, which I’ve defined as “having the least amount of stuff possible to lead a happy, fulfilling life.” I’ve read a lot of different blogs that give tips on how to start a minimalist life, and while I never think I’ll be a minimalist master, I do think that there are aspects to the idea that can be incorporated into any life.

Kids can get into the minimalist way of life too! (Image Credit:

My own foray into minimalism came after a horrific marathon of Hoarders. I went to my room at my parent’s house immediately and threw out an entire trash bag of stuff. Since then, I’ve been making small attempts at limiting the amount of things that I have in my life in order to focus more on how the things I have improve my life. That doesn’t mean I have to get rid of things like art or souvenirs–after all, those sorts of items impact my life by making my surroundings beautiful and by making my space feel like home. After all, what would the white walls of my apartment look like without my cork board, my framed art prints, or my photographs? However, it may mean that rather than spending my money on another knick-knack, I might spend my money on going kayaking or a fantastic vacation.

It’s all about cost-benefit analysis. Will the item I’m considering adding to my life add any benefit to it? Would that benefit be outweighed by a potential future benefit that I could have spent the money on? Minimalism also requires that I use long-term planning rather than just short-term impulse. As for things that I already have laying around the house, as I’m planning to relocate within the next few months I’m going to be mindful of what items make it into the “Move” boxes, and which go into the “Donate” or “Ditch” boxes.


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  1. i used to find myself listening to much to media, convincing myself i needed this or that. i finally have slowed way down, asking myself if this was a need or want. i am learning to be content with what i have. after all, i am not going to be taking any of this to heaven

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