Sunday Morning Shout Out

The little swan princess takes center stage.  Slightly wobbly, little, but determined legs are joined by a troupe of other seven and eight year-olds, leaping, twirling, and doing plies across the stage. The sparkle of their little faces shine more than the glitter on their tutus and magic wands. The beauty and sweet innocence of the moment, like the first spring flowers that come up.

His eyes are serious and quite focused under the too big baseball hat. (Her eyes are too, by the way). He has really learned how to connect with the bat.  What a hit! He makes it to third base and slides, covering his pristine uniform with the sacred mud of the game. Playing with everything in him, he is one of his Yankee heroes for the moment.  Making the perfect throw to second base, she is one of the Red Sox’s.

These are moment of glorious, early childhood for so many boys and girls. It is the season of recitals and little league. It is the time before the teens, but after the baby years where children are gaining a sense of competency and all they can be. The self-consciousness of the teen years is still off a ways. The overreaching, pushing their ages, too far beyond their years, tendencies of many of today’s tweens, not present yet. –Just some little girls and boys who love to dance and play ball.

As I watch my girls at both baseball and dance, a lump comes into my throat, and I both enjoy where my girls are at and shake my head sadly at the passing of time. Yet I will clap loudly at the end of the recital and cheer even more loudly, with everything in me during their games, thrilled at their discoveries, excitement, and joy of what they are doing. These are those moments of pure childhood that can redeem the world’s weary adults.

Happy Mother’s Day!



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