Family Book Club

Let’s face it: children’s books are in right now. From The Hunger Games to Harry Potter to Twilight, young adult fiction is not just for young adults anymore. While some may bemoan the fact that maybe this means reading ability has decreased and that good fiction is dead, I personally see this as a triumph. What could be better than getting more people interested in books and reading than getting people interested in books that can involve an entire family?

Find books that appeal to family members of all ages to help increase your odds of book club success! (Image Credit:

Unfortunately, my younger brother was never much of a reader, and both my parents seemed to always have their own reading they wanted to do. I worked my way through all the Harry Potter books on my own, and this past February, when I worked through Suzanne Collins’ trilogy, I did so alone. However, after giving rave reviews, my mom decided she was interested in reading the novels. Her enthusiasm quickly caught on, and my stepmom started reading the books as well. Good book recommendations can catch like wildfire, and our Nooks made it simple for us to share our reading material. While this unintentional group reading was great, I can’t help but wonder how much more fulfilling it would have been if we had all read the books at the same time, and started our own impromptu family book club.

Could a family book club work? I definitely think so. Finding the books may not always be as easy as The Hunger Games proved for my family, but having each member bring a recommendation and then having a discussion/vote could be helpful. For those seeking alternative entertainments that don’t involve television, this could be the answer. So what do you think? Would you start a family book club? What books would you recommend for such an endeavor?


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