Sunday Morning Shout Out

While we are our children’s first teachers, there are many moments in which they are ours.  I was reminded of this once again the other day. As I picked flowers with our youngest daughter, she brought me a pretty yellow weed to add to the bunch. How children’s eyes are drawn to the lovely in the ordinary and the magnificent in the mundane! Meanwhile, we as adults tend to miss the pretty weed that is the special flower for a little person.

If there were something I wish I could match, it would be the ardor in which our children approach life. Every day seems like a special adventure to them, even when it is the normal same old for us. I wistfully smile at the girls’ excited talk of resuming “the game” they were playing yesterday and the way in which they laughingly run out the door to play it. I adore the way in which our baby giggles hysterically when you crawl with him across the floor. Oh to feel the joy of sheer movement!

As I am fidgeting typing this or doing stretches in the kitchen, I hope I am burning calories or at least working through this well enough to do a good job and get it done. I catch my mind floating to the hundred other tasks before me. My mind is not completely present, like a child’s. I am not with the moment, of the moment, creating a moment like children just do. I do not have in the Zen tradition, “beginner’s mind.”

Is it just getting older that makes us shift in living? Is the magnitude of all our tremendous responsibilities? Is it the years on our bodies and minds? Yes to probably all of this.  Is this why time for child seems to go painfully slow?  For a child, a day is like a week; a week a month; and a month like six of them. Is it this way so a child can completely absorb the “weeds”, the games, and crawling across the floor? Is this what creates wonder’s subtle characteristics and finer comparison points?

So in a good, but distracted way, thank you kids for today’s lesson (stretch, fidget, sigh)! Thank you for sharing your wonder; making it mine; and being just that, three little wonders!


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