Career Education

One of my biggest complaints about the education system in America today is the lack of career education. As someone who is entering the job market after nearly 20 years of education, I still feel uncertain about what jobs I am qualified for, and what jobs I would be interested in. Better career education in high schools would mean that students could focus on relevant courses in high school and beyond. If subject teachers gave more information about potential careers for students interested in those fields, there would be fewer students who feel lost in college.

Sure, choosing a career should be a combination of what a person is passionate about as well as the skills they have, but the demands of the job market should also be taken into account. Increased career education can also help people to specialize in fields they are interested in. For example, students interested in medicine don’t have to necessarily become doctors or nurses. They could become medical researchers, pharmacists, patient advocates, or a plethora of other careers in the medical field.


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