Busy Summers

Summer always goes by quickly in Western New York. By September, schools have already started again, the air is getting cooler, and Halloween decorations and costumes are in the storefronts. As quickly as summer seems to go by, there’s still a lot of time in between the family picnics and vacations to fill, and without school to fill up children’s days, the constant refrain of “but I’m bored” may soon be ringing in parent’s ears. So what are some ways to get kids out of the house?

Summer Sports

Find a summer league near you in a sport that your child is interested in. While many leagues meet in the evenings, some may offer daytime camps. Soccer is always a good bet, but there are also summer baseball and softball leagues too.

Day Camps

Plenty of organizations offer summer day camps for kids, ranging from arts and crafts to theater. Try your local school district, YMCA, museum, zoo or youth center for potential camps.

Sleep-Away Camp

If you’re looking for a longer-term solution, try an overnight camp! There are tons of options when it comes to overnight camps, and a website called Camp Page can help you find the ideal summer camp for your child.

Summer Job

For older children, a summer job might be the best option to help pass the summer hours. Babysitting jobs can be at a premium this time of year, but there are also plenty of seasonal attractions that are looking for help.

Summer Courses

While your child may not need summer school, there are often summer courses offered by local colleges that older students can take advantage of. Taking summer courses means that not only will your child have something to do, but he or she will also be getting college credits.

What are some other ideas you have for getting kids out of the house during the summer?


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