News Overload

I used to pride myself on being current when it came to the news. I tried to stay up-to-date, and I got the overwhelming majority of my news from CNN. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve become more educated on certain issues in the news that I’m interested in, but less aware of current events in general. It isn’t that I don’t care what’s happening in the world, it’s just that staying up to date often feels more like a Sisyphean endeavor than anything else. After all, the news changes by the hour, and in this digital age, by the nanosecond.

A wall of televisions wouldn’t be enough to keep me current on the news! (Image Credit:

Furthermore, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that the objectivism I thought was present in the news is a myth. Everything about the news is biased, from the titles given to the articles to the order in which they’re presented on the television to the images that accompany a story. Even if a story is based purely on facts, which facts are included and which are excluded help to bias the reader, listener, or viewer. With all this frustration, I’ve separated myself from the news. Sure, I still check out CNN’s homepage a few times a day, although I no longer profess to be a news expert.

And if I find the news so overwhelming, how are kids supposed to learn to be intelligent, skeptical news viewers?

How do you keep up with the news?


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