One at a Time

In many ways, I am a linear person. I enjoy things that are straight-forward, and I like working from beginning to end on a project without interruption. While my classmates juggle various projects, flitting back and forth from British literature in the 1600s to magical realism in Hispanic American writing, I prefer to doggedly complete one task before moving on to the other. I’m not the kind of person who reads more than one book at a time. In many ways, I even think I’d be happier to have my food forcibly separated on my plate, military style.

I used to try to change this about myself. I thought I would be more productive if I could find a different working style that allowed me to tackle multiple tasks at once. But working styles are hard to change. I’ve found it impossible. What is important is finding out what working style works for you, and accepting it.

What’s your working style?


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