Sunday Morning Shout Out

“Warning: high sap content”

I honestly thought there would be a need for a mop brigade yesterday. Not only was it our youngest daughter’s end of pre-k celebration, but our baby’s first birthday, and the last day of school.  I had visions of an all out flood of tears.  But perhaps I got them out ahead of time.

–These rites of passage in life, mercy me. They come as time marches faster than a carnival band. This past year of our lives has gone so fast, I would laughingly say a rapid alien abduction occurred , and not our son’s first year of life and our baby’s girl’s first year of school. Not a year has gone by faster!

Watching our youngest daughter sing her heart out to Raffi’s “Five Little Ducks” song, while bouncing the boy on my lap, I puzzled over how this time became now. — An eight year-old, a five year-old, and a one-year old’s little lives playing out before us, like a beautiful ballet.  Perhaps it is fitting that a new season began, as one ever too brief just ended. As we left the building, the words of an older woman we saw earlier in the day came back to me, “Imagine having such little ones again. Enjoy each second of it, because it goes so fast.,”  Indeed, I will….


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