Sunday Morning Shout Out

“Assorted things from a garage sale”

By all typical accounts, the 4th of July garage sale was a colossal failure. We had two customers, maybe three, if you count the woman who bought something and came back to pick it up, and the last ( third customer) who did not buy anything. Lots of hauling out of boxes and stuff for very few apparent returns. The atypical returns lie elsewhere in this account.

Hats off to the girls and women in the family for ringing in the real returns! There is nothing like the enthusiasm of children. Our eight-year old and five year-old, clip board and money box in hand, played a huge role in organizing the event. Talk about math skills for the older and younger set! Our older daughter tagged the items; while our younger daughter sorted them. Where I sighed over the work involved; they enthusiastically set up and took down.  When we got our customers, they were giddy over their purchases! They showed great politeness and helpfulness to the people who stopped. What if our local big boxes had such customer service?

An older but still useful book you can find at Barnes and Noble ( or perhaps at a garage sale!

There were other lessons too.  We learned that sometimes things don’t go as planned. While we did not sell much; we enjoyed each others company and Mimi (grandma) who came to help out. The power of family support should never go unnoticed; nor should it be unappreciated. My mother is an amazing example for me and my girls! What a force of love and support!

We also realized that we had a lot of things we could give away for free or donate to charity. Our free sale began in the early evening. It was very interesting to see what people picked up off our lawn. It felt good to know that someone may have gotten a treasure! It also led to a discussion on how people in need may have gotten something they could really use, and one on reusing and recycling. It was so very good to get rid of so very much.

So the yard sale may have been a bust, but that may have been a blessing…..

(Note: For other nice ideas on the value of garage or yard sales for children try:;; )

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