Fridge Cups

One of the great things about the internet is that it becomes  a community where ideas can be shared. This morning, while doing my morning blog perusal, I happened upon this great idea that fits perfectly with the kids in summer theme we have going on. The author of the post claims that she was tired of her kids asking for a drink multiple times a day in the summer only to take out a new cup each time. This great idea cuts down on the amount of dishes that will have to be done and will encourage your kids to drink more water.

So what did the author do? She put her cups on the fridge. She bought light-weight plastic cups (or you can use cups your family already has), and attached magnets using hot-glue. Voila! The one thing that the post doesn’t mention is writing names on the cups. In my family, where my brother and I unfortunately shared a toothbrush for a few weeks due to lack of communication, we would definitely need to write the names on the cups.

The whole process is incredibly easy. Rather than washing a ton of cups every day, you only have to wash a few. Furthermore, if the cups are just used for water, a quick rinse will do throughout the day, so it will only be one wash at the end of the night. Check out the original blog entry for detailed instructions and pictures (personally, I think the fridge cup magnets look rather charming).

What are some other time-saving tips you have for parents in the summer?

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