Sunday Morning Shout Out

Walking away from the world for a week has been kind of neat. Only today did I realize I could get WIFI right from the cottage, preventing my drive to an internet café. When today can you break from our 24/7 media overload world? It’s when you are in a place like this that could be straight out of the 1950’s. Enter a trip to Conneaut Lake Park in Conneaut Lake, PA. Out of this comes a beach blog.

ABC’s of babes at the beach

A is for  “Are we there yet?” ten minutes out of the driveway.

B is for baby experiencing sand for the first; baby in the sand; baby covered in sand; “Where is baby, I just see sand?”

C is for there is so much #% in the car, close the door quick before it falls out. C is also for Conneaut Lake and Conneaut Lake Park, a park much like the Canadian amusement park that was once Western New York’s memorable Crystal Beach, running and steeped in nostalgia.

D is for downtime, downtime, downtime.

E verything tasting better when you eat at the beach.

F is for all the fishing off the pier and friendly people everywhere. Lake perch and pike are the catch here!

G is for the gentle lake in the morning. I am loving taking my cup of coffee down to the beach to hear the gentle lake waters early in the day.

H is for hot weather, almost 100 degrees when we arrived.

I is for ice cream and lots of it.

J is for just a few more minutes in the water; just a few more minutes until bed.

K is for two Kelly families together for the week.

L is for listening to the birds, the water, and the wind.

M is for more of these easy days.

N is for the necessities that were left behind. I manage to always leave some necessities behind, usually mine.

O is for owing a large debt of gratitude to everything that made this possible.

P is for picnics at the beach and nearby Lake Pymatuning, former onion fields that are now an enormous man made lake.

Q is for queen. Doesn’t everyone feel a little bit queenly and kingly when they are on vacation?

R is for rest. Don’t we all just need more rest?

S is for savoring these vacation days.

T is for taking it easy and slow.

U is for the universal pleasure of escape and seeing someplace new.

V is for vacation

W is for a week off of work and a week away.

X is for the extra special memories that are being made with our two families and the cousins.

Y is for wishing that this was more than once a year.

Z is for zenith. Looking back on summer, this week will surely be the zenith.


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