Lemonade Stand – 2012

We put out a popular post on Lemonade stands last year called Lessons Learned from a Lemonade Stand (7/7/11) and just came across this post on our home offices blog. We thought it was pretty well done and touches some points we didn’t. Hope you enjoy it and remember to work with your children for their safety and security as they gain this great experience!

The lemonade stand is the quintessential summer vacation experience. Lemonade stands represent the resourcefulness and moxie that helps young economists understand the basics of commerce. Through the creation of a lemonade stand, your kids get to partake in an activity that keeps them busy through the long summer vacation, reinforces the idea that hard work and effort is rewarded and instills the basics of good business.
When supervising a lemonade stand, it’s important to experiment with locations, stand decorations and the attitude of sales personal so that your child gets to learn valuable business lessons first hand. Donating proceeds to a charity of your choice will also instill good values and give your child a sense of community. Choose a charity which is interactive so that your child gets a letter or a photo from their recipient to reinforce the difference that they have made through their charitable work.

Take a stand
The table is the backbone of any lemonade stand, but decorations are both encouraged and can result in higher visibility and better sales. Use a cardboard box to cover the front of your lemonade stand and get your young entrepreneurs to color or pain the stand. Encourage them to add balloons, glitter or other handmade decorations. The key elements to display are the fare on sale and the prices of different goods. If the proceeds are going to a charity or school project, this should also be displayed on the lemonade stand.

Have a cooler and plenty of ice to keep your lemonade cool. Ensure that you use biodegradable cups so as not to have a negative environmental impact. Calculate the costs of the lemonade ingredients and the cups so that you can accurately calculate your profits (another valuable lesson!) Adding cookies and other baked goods will improve the quality of your lemonade stand.

Location, location, location
Decide on a safe place to put your lemonade stand where it will be visible to passing traffic, but will not cause an obstruction. Ensure that the stand is in the shade so that you, your children and your lemonade can stay cool.

Lemonade Recipe
There are tons of recipes! Here is a basic one that is fail-proof:

  • 1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • ¾ cup sugar
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 lemon, unpeeled, cut in slices
  • Ice cubes

Instructions: (Makes 6 servings)
In a large pitcher, combine the lemon juice and sugar; stir to dissolve the sugar.
Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.

You can use honey instead of sugar for a healthier option. You can also add a few drops of food coloring to make different colors.

(Original Blog from http://www.tutordoctor.com/tutor-doctor-blog July 23, 2012)


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