Sunday Morning Shout Out

So this is the point in summer in which I hang on tight before it’s, going, going, gone.  It seems we went from heat wave to “autumnish”  lately.  The air is that much cooler and crisper, as the sun sets earlier; certain leaves don fall hues; and the sparrows that descend in large flocks on lawns come fall, have been practicing lately. As usual, I am not ready for summer to end.

As I assemble my list of things I would like to squeeze in still, I think of some the things that have made summer so enjoyable.  Recently, an old college friend came to stay for the weekend. In thinking of things to do, we went to Canalside in Buffalo.. During the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the harbor was the Western Terminus of the Erie Canal. Recently restored, you can see the refurbished “Commercial Slip,”  “Central Wharf,” “Whipple Truss,” foot bridge, cobble stone “Commercial Street,” and foundations of several canal era buildings.  The site is accessible all year-long, though summertime now finds the once forgotten WNY treasure bustling with different activities everyday!  My daughters loved East Aurora’s “Explore and More,”  Canalside site, where they were able to make model boats. There were many other hands-on activities for the children, including:  a water table, building blocks, and board games. Most Fridays in the summer, the museum has offered children’s activities. Plans for a permanent “Explore and More” site at  Canalside  are underway. There are self-guided walking tours, yoga and zumba classes, and lectures and live performances at Canalside for adults.  Truly, there is something for everyone at Canalside.

Today, I was reminded how fun parks can be. As I waited for a prescription to be filled, we went to a nearby park. From the new walker in the family, to the fast and fearless eight-year old, I remembered how fun it is for kids to climb, swing, and run around in endless abandon. I wish I wasn’t a grown up sometimes in order to just get lost in that endless abandon that can be childhood and endless summer. I had such a good time that we are making a plan for tomorrow to go back! These little jewels can get lost in the shuffle to other places. I know we haven’t gotten to one in awhile, until today.

Last weekend, I finally got myself to the farmer’s market. Like so many things this year (with a new baby in the house and renovations) a lot of things have gotten lost with our new normal. Again, I was reminded of how nice it is to see and talk to the person who grows your food.  What a contrast between this way of purveying food and the supermarket tomato!

I guess it’s not just the great things to do in summer, it’s also the pace. I just so enjoy summer’s leisurely pace. Once school begins this laid back pace of things ends until, well, next summer. How nice for the baby to have a wagon ride in the yard and for the girls to ride their bikes in the early morning! Soon school, Sat. lessons, and other weekend busyness will replace such summer idleness. For now, I will soak up what’s left of my favorite time of year…..


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