Starting School off Right

A lot of people wait to find their child a tutor until after he or she has brought home the first report card, or until after the first major argument about homework happens. In the first case, your child has already suffered the detrimental effects of one bad quarter, and will potentially have an excess of pressure to perform well the next three quarters. In the second case, you’ve already made school a battleground issue in your home. Starting the year off with an academic support system already in place through the use of a tutor can help preempt both of these negative situations.

Tutors aren’t just for students who struggle in school. In fact, kids who do well in school often benefit significantly from having a tutor, especially when it comes to levels of academic engagement and enrichment. Tutors are incredibly flexible when it comes to meeting your needs. Whether it’s providing homework help or strategies for dealing with test anxieties or supplemental material for a student who already loves a subject, tutors become part of your child’s routine surprisingly quickly.

So it may seem early in the school year, but start thinking about a tutor now. If you live in the Western New York area, why not try a free in-home educational consultation? You can find out more at our website.


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