Guest Post: WALL-E

One of our tutors students wrote a movie review back in late July and we thought our readers might like to see the great job he did. Teddy Turecki certainly proves students can be excellent writers! Here is Mr. Turecki’s review and thoughts:

Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Up are all Disney-Pixar Animation Studios films that have shown the creativity and brilliance of, what is, in my opinion, to be the #1 movie production company in the history of cinema. Sadly, they’ve had a couple of recent flops like Cars 2 and Brave, but those pictures can be easily forgotten when you consider Pixar’s finest hour, WALL-E: A 2008 computer-animated science-fiction film about a lonely waste-managing robot on a deserted planet. The machine however, falls in love with another robot named EVE, who also has a programmed task and they both embark on an adventure to outer space that changes the destiny of robots and humans forever. The director, Andrew Stanton, has described the theme of this movie as irrational love defeats life’s programming. It can also be said that environmentalism is a strong theme and that everyone should take part in making Earth a cleaner place.

Humans, found aboard a spacecraft in the middle of the space vacuum are portrayed as lazy, abnormally-large consumers who devote most of their time to either eating, hanging around the metropolis-like halls (or ports, in relation to NASA), and buy whatever they please; expecting to be brought to a safe, conditioned planet unlike the one they ruined before. What they don’t realize is how wonderful the area around them is; they’re too busy taking more than what is needed and acting selfish. Their purpose on board is to do nothing relevant to anything.

When you lose connection to your planet by buying into distractions like large phenomenons (for example, Wall-Mart, Television, the Internet), you lose the ability to focus on healthy ideas like recycling, renewal, and reducing. This lifestyle may lead to global warming, piles of trash everywhere because the disposes are full, etc. This is very cruel to the ecosystem, the rest of the animal kingdom, and life itself.

The scientific advancements shown in this movie probably couldn’t have controlled all the trash that had destroyed the place humans had called home. If it were possible, it most likely would have prevented the ending scenes seen in the movie.

WALL-E might not be the most enjoyable Pixar film out there, but it’s probably the most thought-provoking. I recommend the movie very much. It won a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and was nominated for five other Academy Awards as well.             EVAAAAAAAA…..     

Thank you Teddy!


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