Lost Time

I was preparing for a Board of Education meeting this evening and in one of the readings titled ‘Your Role As A Steward Of Learning’ was a statement that really struck me at this time when school is beginning in most of the USA and yet our third largest school district, Chicago has now gone on strike. The statement is “Time lost in a child’s learning can never be regained” and I think all the parties in Chicago need to look at who is really going to suffer from the teacher strike as time rolls on.

Of course once it is all solved and ratified the city officials, school administrators and teachers will all claim victory. But there will be no voice for the poor and middle-class children of the Chicago district. These children are the individuals who will have no ‘victory’. These are the individuals who are missing learning opportunities and  the chance to build their capacity to make the world a better place. On this anniversary of 911 it is interesting to note that most of these children have only known a nation at war since that tragic day 12 years ago. Now we are showing over 400,000 children that those entrusted with their education have failed and this lost learning time will never be regained.

One of the benefits for me watching this dysfunctional district from a distance is the joy in knowing our students are not losing time. We, as BOE members, administrators, civic leaders, and educators have placed the needs of our students ahead of our differences and economic woes. We are embracing the challenge of education today and into the future. Best of all we as a team of stewards are making a difference in our children for today and the future! I sincerely hope Chicago solves their problems sooner rather then later.


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