Balancing Act

With the start of a new school year, it has always taken my family time to adjust to the new schedules. Figuring out how to juggle homework, dinner, sports practices, band rehearsals, bedtimes, and other obligations can be extremely difficult. Inevitably, the first few weeks are going to be rough, but how can you start to move past the unfamiliar into comfort?

The best way my family has found is to visually portray our schedules. A large whiteboard in the kitchen, a traditional family gathering place, has everyone’s schedules written out for the month. As new things come up, they can easily be added to the calendar. Giving each family member their own color of marker can make the schedule even easier to puzzle out.

Another way to keep the family on the same page schedule-wise is to have family meetings daily to review what’s up for the day. A sit-down breakfast may seem impossible, but getting everyone out of bed ten minutes earlier can make the morning a whole lot less hectic and leave time for a nutritious check-in to make sure everyone’s schedule is synched.

What other tips for schedule organization do you have for families?


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