Buffalo Navy Week

Sometimes, when your schedule is crazy, the only thing to do is add more things into it to keep your mind off how stressful everything is! A great local event (that ends the 17th) is Buffalo Navy Week. Last night we took a trip down to the beautiful Buffalo waterfront and got to see a few of the ships that have docked, including the very majestic 1812-era tall ship. While school makes it difficult to get to many of the events, which occur throughout the day, there are a lot of events planned for Saturday that families with school-age children can take advantage of.

Have you taken a trip down to the Buffalo waterfront to enjoy Navy Week yet?

A little history lesson never hurt anybody, and the War of 1812 is often under-discussed in schools though it was incredibly relevant for WNY. (Image Credit:http://navaltoday.com/2012/09/11/sailors-assigned-to-uss-constitution-kick-off-participation-in-buffalo-navy-week/)


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