Gratitude is a State of Mind

When I first thought up the idea for this post, I nearly put it in the draft folder to wait until Thanksgiving. After all, I thought, what’s the point of having a post about gratitude in the middle of September?

And maybe that’s the answer.

Gratitude shouldn’t be restricted to Thanksgiving or the end of things. Gratitude should be a daily mindset. We drill the mantra of using “magic words” like “please” and “thank you” into our kids, but often times even these simple expressions of gratitude are neglected. So what are some simple ways that I’m bringing gratitude back into my life?

Using the magic words is the first (and easiest) way I’ve found so far. It doesn’t take any more effort to ask someone to please hand me the ketchup and to say thank you when they do so. By using these kinds of words, I’ve already noticed when people use these words around me, and when they don’t. Gratitude can also be expressed by sending a card or note. Buying a set of thank you cars that are blank in the middle makes the process of expressing gratitude simple. Write a personalized message in the middle and send it along.

What are other ways you’ve found to express gratitude in your life?


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