Personality Flaws

One thing I’ve spent the past year learning about myself is that I don’t do well without structure. Without the regular 9-5 grind I flounder. The dishes pile up. The laundry beings to moulder in the hamper. The bill tower becomes the second-tallest building in Buffalo. I don’t brush my teeth until the mid-afternoon. I sometimes stay in my pajamas all day. Nothing gets done. Some people have said in the past that I lack discipline, and I’m the first to admit that when it comes to intrinsic motivation to get things done, I am the worst. I need an external force to structure my day.

I don’t necessarily look at this as a negative part of my personality anymore, though. I get home from my day at the office and I vacuum the entire apartment without a problem. Once in a while, I even bust out the mop. I do the dishes. I cook. I pay the bills on time. I take care of business. It’s like Newton’s first law of motion, that objects in motion tend to stay in motion. When I have something that motivates me to get out of bed in the morning, the rest of my day goes much more smoothly than it would otherwise. The motivation it takes to get me to work is the same motivation that carries me through the rest of my evening and even through the weekend. I used to think this was a bad thing. Obviously I wish I were more motivated and create my own schedule and adhere to it without problems. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to accept that there are certain facets of my personality that I have been unable to change, and so instead of wasting time and energy trying to change, I’ve learned to adapt.

What are some of your personality flaws, and how do you deal with them?


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