Keep Your Cool

I’m a high-strung kind of person. When things don’t seem to be working out, my anxiety kicks in and BAM, everything is a crisis. Misplaced my bank card? Mini-meltdown as I tear my car apart, tip my purse upside down onto the pavement, and stomp my feet in impotent fury. Forgot one of my many internet passwords? Decide that I will obviously never be able to log on to the WordPress site again and have a mini-meltdown at my desk. Realize ten minutes before a scheduled eye exam that I can’t make my appointment time? Decide that I will be charged for missing my appointment and have a mini-meltdown.

Keeping your cool is about thinking rationally even through situations that get your blood boiling. My bank card ends up being in my coat pocket, my password can be reset by answering a few basic security questions, and there is no punishment for cancelling my eye appointment. The lesson of not overreacting to things is also readily applicable to school. When students receive a bad grade, many immediately flip out. They decide, without talking to the teacher, that they will fail the class and then stop putting forth any effort for the rest of term. However, if the keeping it cool lesson of “find out all the facts before you have a major meltdown or make any life-altering decisions such as moving to Mexico or dropping out of high school” is applied, the student would approach the teacher and ask about what he or she can do to improve his or her performance. Some teachers offer extra-credit, while others may do some simple math to show the student that as long as she gets all her homework in on time for the rest of the quarter, she’ll pass the course with flying colors. A single bad grade should not be able to make or break a student, at least not until college (then all bets are off, and tests worth half your grade are not uncommon).


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