Does PBS Really Need To Be Cut To Balance A Budget?

I didn’t watch the debate on Wed. night since I had a daughter to get to sleep and spaghetti sauce to can and a small business to run, but I just read the transcript. First 47% of the population doesn’t matter to Mr Romney and now he wants to take away funding for Big Bird and PBS. WOW…glad I was sitting when I read that!

One figure I saw says in 2010 congress appropriated $422 million to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting which then funds about 20% of both PBS (Big Birds home) and National Public Radio.  For comparison a new Abrams M1A2 base model tank costs $8.58 millon, a B-2 bomber was 2.4 billion in the early 1990’s (a regular jet, F/A-18 Hornet from the 1980’s is just $94 million), A nuclear sub is $2 billion and an aircraft carrier is $9 billion. The cruise missile costs $1.41 million each and we shot 161 at Libya in the first days of our ‘secondary’ role as support for France and Great Britain in there ploy to get oil…I mean mission to create a no-fly zone for the revolution.

To me if we can spend money on these tools of freedom we can afford supporting a bird that promotes education and learning in children here and throughout the world. Peace, diplomacy and education is costly, but war is more costly and we are currently in the longest period of war this country has ever known. I believe in Teddy Roosevelt’s philosophy of “Speak softly but carry a big stick”. Since first airing in 1969 Big Bird has certainly helped many a child learn to speak softly and care about the welfare of all of us.


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