Birthday Eve: Reflections on Change

So about 35 years ago on this night my friends and I would have been in our late teens and considering the bar list, parties and other assorted activities for the evening. Weekend Birthdays were some of our favorite excuses to go out and have a ‘wee-bit’ too much fun. Tonight, I sit in the back room eating some popcorn watching the wood burn in the stove thinking about all the changes that have occurred in the world around us.

Back then I was able to breath a sigh of relief because the Vietnam war was over and the draft was suspended.  Today we have had 12 years of war and it was all done with a volunteer military.

Back then everything seemed to be about consumerism and today it is all about technology.

Back then it was drug wars and murder in Florida now it is in Mexico

Back then trips to the moon were common. Today we have just done away with the Space Shuttles and don’t have a vehicle capable of carrying a human into space. We are asking private industry to solve that.

Back then I paid about .85 per gallon for the gas I put into my AMC Gremlin. Welp…both of those are gone now!

Back then there was talk about satalite phones. Today, 6 billion people in the world have cell phones. That is about 75% of the worlds population.

The drinking age was 18. Now it is 21 in NYS

Punk music was trying to destroy the mainstream recording industry then. Today, the industry is destroying itself by not finding ways to use the internet to remain viable.

Back then 35mm camera’s used film. Today’s digital cameras use ‘cards’ and more and more the cell phone is a persons primary camera.

There was no internet, no blogs, no emails, no chat, no IM, no texting….

We had record albums, cassette tapes, walkmans and record stores then. Today we have CD’s (at least for a few more years), ipods, itunes, MP3’s and downloads.

Back then there was a healthy middle class…today it is disappearing much like the hair on the top of my head has.

There were few day care facilities then and Pre-K was even less prevolent. Today you need Pre-K just to get your child ready for the demands of Kindergarten.

How times have changed! Good or Bad it all involved change and learning. Hopefully this old dog can keep learning ’cause the pace of change in the next 35 will probably be even more dramatic.


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