Halloween Trick or Treating

Zillow just put out their 4th annual list of ‘Best Halloween Trick or Treat Cities‘ in the USA and Buffalo made the list at number 17. No this is not a Halloween Trick! It is however amazing to me that an event like Halloween Trick or Treating might influence your home purchasing decision. However, Zillow puts forth a compelling  justification by stating “Zillow took a break from the serious business of tracking housing to crunch numbers with one really, really important thing in mind: candy.”  Somehow that made me think about the change I have seen in the ‘holiday’ which is not really a holiday over a couple of decades and I thought I’d share them…

Back in the day when I was a youth of Trick or Treating age (late 60’s/early 70’s) there were many thing different then today. Here is what I’m seeing. If I have left anything off feel free to comment.

Then we had a minimum of two nights of Trick or Treating and often three! They were Beggars Night then Halloween and then Clean-up night. Today the Trick or Treating events run for almost two weeks.

Then we lived in a rural/suburb area and we had to walk pretty good distances to get the ‘goods’. Today, walking is only done in the city, villages or sub-divisions where houses are spaced a maximum of 30 yards. In the rural areas parents might drive the ghosts and gobblins around but typically not.

Then you received some pretty large volumes of Treats in a pretty short amount of time and stops. Today you get much less and it takes more time and stops…that is unless you get into a well-to do neighborhood.

Then my mother made our costumes on the sewing machine or we went as ghosts or bums. Today, you can buy a pretty decent costume for $20-$40 which may be less then the cost for the material you’d need to make your own! Still, I have seen some pretty inventive home and hand made costumes in recent years.

Then bobbing for apples was a common Halloween party game. Today it is frowned upon and seldom done because of our germ phobias. Donuts on a string eating contests are a nice alternative!

Then there were few if any indoor Trick or Treating venues. Today you can have your child enjoy the warmth (for us Northerners), comfort and safety of doing it indoors at firehalls, Colleges, Malls, Shopping Centers, etc. Nice things with this is that it seems to be safer and your child does not need to wear a jacket over their costume since we have been known to have snow in WNY on Halloween.

Things certainly change and in general for Halloween I think they are better since you can find more options for your children to enjoy dressing up and getting treats in what I’d consider safer environments. Check the internet or other dependable information source for events in your area…there are sure to be some this weekend!

Considering Halloween has become the number 2 holiday in the USA, and in ways it seems like it may overtake Christmas as the years pass perhaps a real estate company adding it to the list of ‘things to consider when purchasing a house’ is not so strange.


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