DIY Lighting Up Fonts

I’m a recovering design blog addict. I say recovering because I’ve now weaned myself down to only two daily design blogs that I check, and I’m only a member of three members-only discounted design websites.

Alright, so maybe I’m not so much in recovery, but my blog post earlier this week about budgeting made me start thinking about ways to amp up your decor without spending a ton of money. I tend to like quirky sorts of things anyways, and there are plenty of great DIY blogs who share my passion. So, in honor of school getting into full swing, my love of housewares, and the fact that we’re soon going to fall back because of how little sunlight we’re getting in the Northern Hemisphere, here’s The Swell Life’s Letter Lighting.

My favorite part of this lantern might be the way it casts awesome shadows on the wall! (Image Credit:

All you need for the craft is a simple paper lantern with a cord set (like this simple lantern and cord set I found at Pier 1 Imports for less than 20 bucks) and a set of vinyl letter (or number) type stickers, which can be found at any hardware or craft store for a great price.

This craft is not only pretty easy on the wallet and a great design piece, but it also has a lot of learning potential. For kids who are learning letters, it’s a fun way to practice letters and to keep them as a very visible part of life. Your child can also get involved in sticking on the letters with a minimum of mess, as there’s no glue or sharp objects involved!

What are some of your favorite DIY projects?


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