Sunday Morning Shout Out

There is a joke in this house that 7pm is the bewitching hour. Something seems to shift in all of us. The end of the day and exhaustion are upon us all, creating an UGLY concoction of whining, crabbiness, and tempestuousness, on too many nights. Thus, when inspiration rears its darling head at this time of the day we doubly take notice.

Inspiration came into the house on an autumn breeze. Perhaps a little fog was stuck on her. The kids and I took a walk outside after dinner and enjoyed the last light of the day. We watched the fog set in the air and night, as the last of the geese honked their way home. My oldest rode her bike, while my youngest daughter and son had a wagon ride. My youngest daughter and I then picked up pretty leaves, admiring the size of the maples leaves and their fiery colors. It was time to go inside the house and start baths and a period of time we call “bed time baskets.” It is really just a catchy name we put to mandatory wind down time before bed.

The girls decided they wanted to work with the leaves on paper during the baby’s bath time. Taking a page from all of our collective childhoods, they placed the leaves under the paper and gently colored over them, leaving the leaf’s imprint (Funny how some of the things we most enjoy and remember about childhood seem DNA coded  into our children. I used to love doing this very thing!) The girls were enamored with their designs!. The girls cooed and “ooed “ over their leaf creations. They lovingly spoke of what they were creating, showing me each one as it was freshly done. Contentedly and excitedly they made many of these leaf prints. My youngest daughter got a lilt in her step, to match her joyful tone, and seemed to bask in creating each work of “delicate leaf beauty.”  My oldest daughter worked feverishly away on these leaves and then segued into mermaid drawing. Again I was reminded that there is no substitute for the wonder and inspiration of nature, minus watching my children being inspired by natural wonder and creating.

(Note: For some really great fall leaf craft project you might like a post on Momtastic titled “10 Fall Leaf Crafts to Do With Kids”)


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