First Snow

Living in the North Eastern USA provides a rich diversity of weather and the ability to experience seasons in their splendor. The onset of Fall brings with it the colors of autumn as our hardwood forests light up in a blaze of glory for a few fleeting weeks in September and October. Then of course comes Winter. One of the surest signs of Winter is the first snowfall. In fact winter tends to be the only season that we really see start rather than the metamorphosis that occurs in Spring and Fall. Summer is another story in that we never really know from the weather when it really starts.

Sure the calendar tells us when each of these seasons officially start, but Winter is the one season that starts for us only when the snow starts to fall. Last year we had very little snow and it seemed like the season never really appeared and we just had a transition from Fall into Spring. What I do remember about last years first snow of Winter was the excitement of my then 4-year-old daughter as I picked her up from Pre-K in early December. She got out of the school door and started to make a snow angel, throwing snowballs at me and began asking about sledding, skiing and snow people (aka. snowmen). The joy on her face and in her heart was priceless.

I was reminded of this little joy we get on Sunday when we had a very light snowfall. She came racing down the stairs in her bare feet and night robe all aglow. Looking out each window in our sun room she asked if it would be OK to go out side. We put her boots on her bare feet, put a jacket on, as well as her mittens and her Mom’s hat over her head and she was ready to go. The snow was perfect for snow balls and catching flakes on your tongue and she certainly did both for a good 20 minutes. Somehow I found a way to get her back in the house and warm her up. What a great start to the day and the winter season!


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