Cleaning (for a Good Cause)

As the weather here in Western New York becomes increasingly less warm, and there are increasingly frequent sightings of snowflakes that seem to melt just before they hit the pavement, it is clear that winter is steadily approaching.

While the spring cleaning is a time-honored tradition, I much prefer the late fall cleaning. After all, winter means most of us spend a lot more time indoors, and being constantly faced with clutter and mess makes even the biggest snow-lover a little cranky.

While it may be tempting to put off all your big projects for when you are restricted to being at home, conquering a few tasks on your to-do list can make your winter confinement less stressful.

In our house, we seem to accumulate a lot of winter wear, including scarves, glove, and jackets. A lot of these items have gone unused for a long time, and they only serve to make the back closet a bit of a nightmare to get into.

So this past weekend, we tackled the project. We sorted through mismatched mittens, made a huge pile of coats to donate to a local shelter, and threw out a few holey items that would do little to keep out the winter chill.

Knowing that the items we were getting rid of would go towards helping keep someone else warm for the winter season was a huge motivator. This kind of philanthropic cleaning can be put towards any number of projects. The mass of magazines that has been languishing in a pile in the living room will now go in waiting rooms at a local hospital. Old toys find new homes with kids who may not be getting a stocking full of gifts at Christmas.

What are some other household cleaning tasks you’ve found that have a positive community pay-off? And how do you involve your kids?


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