‘Tis the Season(?)

In the immortal words of The Byrds, “to everything there is a season”. Sometimes, this time of year makes me wonder exactly WHAT season we’re in, however. The temperatures have been all over the board, there hasn’t been any significant snow, and yet if you turn on many of the local radio stations or head out to the shopping centers, you might expect to see snow on the ground and scarves wrapped around chilly necks.

The curious time in between Halloween and Thanksgiving seems to have been filled by Christmas cheer. What happened to living in the moment? This early introduction of the holiday spirit seems to overextend the pleasures of the Yuletide. So how can you help your family out? Avoid playing festive music or putting up decorations until a date you decide is reasonable. Just because every other house on the street has an inflatable Frosty the Snowman in the front yard by November 1st doesn’t mean you have to. Do things that involve enjoying the season at hand. Rather than looking ahead to the winter season, drink apple cider and bake apple pies or head out to a body of water to observe the migration patterns of the many waterfowl that pass through this area. Your kids will thank you for teaching them to live in the moment.

What do you think about the earlier introduction of the winter holidays?


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