First Marking Period: A Late Trick Or Treat?

Here in Western New York most schools finished the first quarter of the school year. That means report cards and parent-teacher conferences. With the new Common Core Standards many schools changed the format of report cards and they may be a bit hard to understand initially. During you parent-teacher conference there might be words, phrases and abbreviations that the teacher uses that are absolutely meaningless to you. If that occurs make sure you ask for clarity and a better understanding before the end of the meeting.

Like anything with your child’s education we recommend that you ask questions of the school and teachers when you don’t understand something. Remember ‘the only stupid question is the question not asked’.  Also remember that YOU are the client and they are the service provider. YOU pay their wages and have every right to ask questions and get appropriate answers that you can understand. One of the biggest parts of the new Common Core Standards is the teaming that needs to include the parents to be effective in the education of children. Part of teaming is communication!



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