Sunday Morning Shout Out

I could feel myself getting tense. The blood in me was rising. Beady cold sweat would soon follow. The dreaded was occurring.

Some teachers seem to favor this more than others. It is that time of year. I secretly thought, “ Are they pariahs dressed up as teachers?” They probably even like to do these things in their spare time at home. Yes (insert shriek) CRAFTS!

I am just not a “crafty person.”  While I can be a creative writer and writing is a creative activity, I do not know how to be much of a creative anything else. Stemming from a botched attempt at Styrofoam art in kindergarten (so said my Freudian therapist in 4th grade) I have some sort of natural aversion to all things craft related. As fate would have it, I have two daughters who like to do crafts very much. I am in a 12 step program, led by Martha Stewart’s staff to conquer this fear.  I seem to be stuck at step 1.

I much, much, admire the crafty sort. But I cannot do the crafty stuff and it seems there is not an “app for that“. Fortunately, my precise, engineer husband is good with these type of things. The turkey disguised as Darth Vader lives; my daughter who needed a pillow case turned into a Native American outfit will have a place for two arms and not just one. These projects will be fine. Meanwhile, I will avoid Pinterest.


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