Does It Matter?

Perhaps it doesn’t matter that Black Friday is fast becoming obsolete as more and more retailers are opening on Thursday. To me it does matter. Now instead of spending some time with the family on turkey day  it means we will be busy looking through the mountain of ‘black ads’ and planning our shopping strategies for that Thursday evening. Plus, there will be a number of family members who must leave early since they work at a retail establishment. All-in-all the quantity and quality of the time interacting will be diminished. Hopefully, we’ll be able to overcome these new limitations and fit in a few group games and still share some laughs as a family. It is times like these that a child learns a great deal about their family members, family history and their self. This helps build the child’s values, self understanding, self worth, and develops their roots. The memories of Thanksgivings long past are still with me. Thankfully my parents were able to provide the time and opportunity for these memories to be built.

We truly hope YOU and Your Family get to spend some memorable time together this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.


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