Making Christmas Real

On a recent road trip to a students house I heard an interview on NPR that I thought was interesting. I don’t have the reference at the moment but I wanted to quickly capture the thought before I lost it. Basically, the woman spoke about having been discouraged about Christmas after her early teens until recently when she had children of her own. She stated that she found the spirit of Christmas through her children and was able to get past the commercialization.

She went on to say that it was every parents responsibility to make Christmas real. To her this meant doing what you can do and making sure you do the small simple things like decorations, scents, and foods. Establishing traditions around the holiday season are also important to children and ultimately it is the joy, wonder and happiness that we see in our children that helps us find Christmas and make it real for our family.

Update…I found the interview and it is titled ‘Tracey Thorn Finds Joy and Angst in Christmas Songs‘. Tracey Thorn is an English singer and songwriter, formerly of the dance-pop duo Everything but the Girl. The interview was with NPR’s Scott Simon and focused on her holiday album called Tinsel and Lights.

Here is the exact quote I was trying to pass on:

“As a parent, you have this responsibility to make Christmas happen in the house. You’re the one who puts the tree up, and who sort of makes the house feel Christmas-y and cooks the right food at the right time. And I quite liked the sense that, to children, it’s very magical and intangible, and yet as an adult you’re quite aware that there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes, people actually making it all happen. It’s slightly Wizard of Oz: Behind the curtain there’s a lot of frantic effort going on. But I quite like that. I think, with children, you enjoy putting in the effort because the reward you get from their enjoyment of it is enormous.”


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