Walking (and Skiing, and Snowshoeing, and Tubing) in a Winter Wonderland

While it’s still only raining in Western New York, I have it on good authority (the Weather Channel, if you must know) that snow is on its way. So, in anticipation of the fluffy white stuff we all love to hate, here are a few chilly activities for you and your family to enjoy over the coming weeks.

When the snow is at least six inches deep, the Tifft Nature Preserve rents snowshoes out. It’s $3 a pair for kids under 45 pounds, and $5 for kids over 45 pounds and adults. Don’t forget to wear sturdy boots!

Cross-Country Skiing
While you may not be ready to go careening down a mountain on two thin sticks, cross-country skiing is a great alternative to its downhill cousin. At Holiday Valley, you can rent cross-country skis, poles, and boots for only $17, and buy a lift pass to get up to the trails for $10.

Take a trip out to Kissing Bridge to experience Colden Tubing. If you’re a serious sledder who gets tired from running up and down the hill, you’ll be a serious fan of the tow rope. $50 gets you a seasons pass.

What are some other outdoor activities you love to do in the winter?


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