Teen Motivation: Rewards Do Materialize When We Keep Trying!

On Wednesday I wrote about my current experience with a High School Freshman who is part of our football team. I’ll be the first to admit that I was feeling a bit dejected and not knowing what else I could do for this young guy. This morning I was really surprised and elated to see that the efforts are starting to have an impact.

Today this young man came in at his usual time (5:30am) and by the time I arrived (5:55am) he was finishing his strength conditioning. Following this he came back and started some cardio work on the treed machine. He did that for 45 minutes and at the end he actually used the dip and pull-up machine! We talked about what and why he was doing this. The conversation did not get to the heart of the behavior change but it did continue to let him know that what he is doing is being noticed and that what he  does really matters and is recognized.

I think he is going to surprise me on Wednesday. Guess I’ll need to remember to bring the reward I promised if he did 3 quality pull-ups and dips. It will be a pleasure to lose. The reinforced learning for me here was to never underestimate the capabilities of Teens nor your ability to interact and promote productive change with them.


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