Sunday Morning Shout Out

Last week my children found St. Nicholas booty in their booties, well sneakers and boots to be exact.  Carrying on the tradition I grew up with in a Catholic household, our children know St. Nicholas Day. This day as described by the St. Nicholas Center celebrates the life of St. Nicholas, for both religious and secular societies worldwide. Pretty well known, our modern day Santa Claus has his roots here.

Isn’t roots, what traditions are all about? Whether you are marking Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Ramadan, or another holiday during the year, traditions are the true gift that keep on giving. I know many people who are hard pressed to come up with their holiday traditions when asked. I think that some things have become so mainstay, that these dear people have forgotten that some of what  they do is a tradition in and of themselves. —-Think Christmas tree or cutout cookies!

I came across some good articles (Article 1, Article 2, Article 3) that look at what holiday traditions bring to our families and tips for starting some new ones. What I like best about traditions are their grounding force in our lives and how they help us teach cultural and familial identity. Our children get a little bit more of their Polish, Czech, Italian, and Irish heritage during the holidays, than other times of the year. Let’s face it, not passing down or sharing in time honored traditions just means they are lost! Two of the blog spots talk about creating new, modern traditions. Article 3 even goes as far as to suggest 50 winter holiday traditions you can select from!

What I particularly love about many of the suggestions are their emphasis on giving back to the community and the less fortunate. They are also full of some fun ideas for meals, entertainment, and wise gift giving.  As you celebrate the holidays with your family, I hope that it is filled with new and old traditions. Know that what you are choosing to do to mark the holidays has a lasting impact  As my children checked their shoes for evidence of St. Nicholas this morning, I look forward to the day when their children are doing the same….


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  1. Maria

    This is really what it’s all about!!!

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