Second Half

Now that most K-12 students are back in school it is time for parents and care providers to really look at how well their students are doing at school. If they are sitting at D’s and C’s in any subject at this point in the year it is time to take some proactive action. The best time to take this action is now before much more of the new year transpires and your student becomes too frustrated, demotivated or behind to really help them.

I know how hard it is for a parent to watch their child struggle or just give up on a course having seen it occur to my own children. During those times of trouble I had the good fortune that the children kept trying and for the times when there was difficulty in math their step-father was able to provide the support, encouragement and homework help they needed. For my youngest girl who was having problems in Pre-K we were able to find a tutor specialist in early education and had her work with her twice a week for over seven months. It was a great experience for my daughter and it helped her overcome her memory issues that were impacting her ability to count and learn the alphabet.

I know my wife and I could have helped our daughter, but what the learning specialist tutored her in was so effective and ‘painless’ to both myself and my daughter that it was well worth the time and money. She is doing great in Kindergarten now and while we currently don’t have her being tutored we do make sure we take extra time to extend and reinforce what she is learning in school. We even use some of the process and techniques we saw her tutor use to work with her and it has been very helpful.

You might be thinking that tutoring in Pre-K or Kindergarten is a bit too much and 15 years ago I’d agree with you. However, education has changed so much in that time that if a child get behind in these early grades there will be problem throughout their academic career. Taking action early is also important since denying there is a problem or ‘waiting to see if it is really a problem’ only puts your child further behind. For example, when I was first seeing that my daughter was having problems I mentioned it to my wife. She didn’t see any reason for alarm at that point. About 2 months later my wife became more aware of the difficulties our daughter was having and it was verified in part by her Pre-K teacher and partially in the behavior of our dauhter. It took a couple more weeks to find the right tutor and get that started so by then it was the end of January. She was pretty much at the right level by the time school ended in May but we kept her working with the tutor through July to help her get even further.

So far she is doing great in Kindergarten and loves school and can’t wait to get back. I hope your child is having the same experience.


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