What Is Wrong With Our Society?

Late last night as I was reading through some of the WordPressFreshly Pressed‘ blogs when I came across one that mentioned a rape case going on in Steubenville, Ohio that involves at least two members of the football team who were members of their self titled ‘rape crew‘. It was a story I was surprised I had not heard of, but then again ignorance is bliss. Adding this to the news article I also read last night from India on the rape and death of a young lady there and her Father coming forward with her name in a story titled ‘India gang rape victim’s father: I want the world to know my daughter’s name is Jyoti Singh Pandey‘. Seems that the caste system in India and other factors in that culture promotes their general acceptance of this type of behaviour and view of women as being inferior as portrayed in other news articles. Taken together I have to wonder how different we are in the USA when we have young American athletes posting boasts and pictures of an alleged rape on the internet?

For a good overview of the story the NY Times has an article titled ‘Rape Case Unfolds on Web and Splits City‘ or you can check out the Local Leaks conjecture in an article titled ‘The Steubenville Files‘. For a timeline of the events Buzz Feed has put together ‘The Definitive Timeline Of The Steubenville Rape¬†Scandal‘. Seems this is not the first case for members of this High-School football team and for me brings to mind how Penn State for years ignored or covered up the Sandusky abuses. It makes me want to scream ‘wake-up America! Football is only a game and entertainment. It is not a pass card to allow players, fans or coaches to do whatever they wish to do at the expense of women and children’.

Added to the other violence of 2012 involving children and young adults I think this is a really sad reflection on our American society and the lack of parenting and twisted morals for our children. The lesson for me is to continue to teach and preach being cautious to my children and provide some self-defence training and tactics. That is on top of teaching them morals and how to behave in society and with other individuals.

So much for my thought of writing a ‘happy’ entry for today’s blog…I’ll try again tomorrow!


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  1. nicole kelly

    I feel your outrage! It is infuriating that this persists, largely unchallenged in our world, in our country, and in the very villages, towns, and cities we live in. We need a huge, cultural shift!

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