Sunday Morning Shout Out

Perhaps this past holiday season you tried to teach your child that it is better to give than receive. It was probably a bit difficult but I hope you were successful. The holidays are a great time for finding opportunities to give to those in need. Whether it is a non perishable food drive; donating a new toy or gently used coat; or volunteering one’s time to a soup kitchen, there are so many ways to teach our children the practice of giving of ourselves and our time to our community. When the holiday rush is through, organizations like The United Way and Volunteermatch can assist in finding in continual ways to volunteer and give of oneself in the community. Remember that just because the holiday season is over that that the needs of individuals don’t disappear.

From the outset, we intuitively know as parents that giving of oneself and volunteering teach many things such as compassion, empathy, humility, and gratitude. Did you know that it can also help with academic and job skills? The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (Circle) sanctioned a study that found that students who volunteered performed better academically, specifically getting higher grades in math, reading, science, and history and also more likely to graduate from college. Additionally the study cited at the previous website also found that volunteering can help students improve their critical thinking skills; communication skills; and planning and organizational skills. Thus as they say, doing “good” is good for goodness sake, but it is also good for the doer…


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