Beyond School

One of the most important things to remember as a parent is that school is an extension, not a replacement for the education you need to provide for your child/children. Some of the items I would say from experience that most public K-12 schools don’t teach are and are important for children to mature well include:

  • Manners
  • Personal hygiene
  • Faith
  • Personal Finances
  • The Golden Rule
  • Board Games
  • Dance
  • Firearm Safety
  • Dignity
  • Hope
  • Sledding
  • Parenting Skills
  • Self Defence
  • Internet/Social Media etiquette
  • Marriage Skills
  • Building Sand Castles
  • Phone skills
  • Driving

These are just some of the important life skills a parent needs to promote, model, and support for their children. If you’d like to add to the list feel free to send your items over!




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3 responses to “Beyond School

  1. JD

    Riding a bike without training wheels
    How to build giant hotwheels racetracks with lots of loops
    How to grow your own veggies
    The value of sitting on the porchswing and watching the sun rise
    How to have a snowball fight
    Proper smore making

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