Parental Love

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Valentines Day is fast approaching and while thinking of ideas of things to do with my wife I started thinking about the love that exists between myself and my children. I found it interesting as I reflected on that parental love how Valentine’s Day changes as you age. As a shy teenage guy dealing with hormones, you wish life were easier like back in elementary school where everyone exchanged little valentine cards. Now as a teen who typically felt awkward around girls I fretted and sweat considering if and how to slip a carnation or card into the locker of the girl you had such a crush on. Of course, like a fool I never did and they just went into the trash.

Into my twenties (and maybe even thirties) it was how to do something extravagant and flashy, so they knew I loved them and they could show off to their friends. By my forties and so far into my fifties the whole drama, angst and hype has died and Valentine’s Day is but a last-minute nuisance except for the joy of helping our children do their cards and goodies for classmates in daycare and elementary school. Oh how fun to watch them experience their days of puppy love! Part of that helping is also the memories of my own life and the joys and pains that my children will experience as they sail on the sea of love in their life. Wondering what I can do to help ease the turbulence that comes with love and relationships.

So…How has Valentine’s Day changed for you (or your children), as you’ve (they’ve) aged? Think about it a bit and if you can send us a comment. Please include your age if you dare…

Remember that helping ‘educate’ our children about love is one of the really special and important tasks we have as a parent.



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2 responses to “Parental Love

  1. Katleen

    I agree with you that Valentine’s Day has changed for me, but the need to love and be loved hasn’t.
    Helping ‘educate’ our children about love to me is to set an example of true love between parents. Perhaps we should try to change that last-minute nuisance mindset no matter how old we become? But we should also display love everyday and not just on Valentine’s day. A loving wife 😉

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