Status Check

For most K-12 school districts and students here in WNY the school year is half over and report cards, progress or status reports have been sent out. So as a parent how are you to evaluate your child’s report and progress? Some of the common questions we hear from parents at this time of the year include:

What grade tells me it is time to get help for my child? Our first response is does the grade concern you and why?

Can a report card forecast problems my child might have?

Why does my child do good in some classes but not others?

Can I talk to my child’s teacher about their report card?

What is a good grade for my child?

My child received straight A’s so we can reduce study time and the amount of time we spend working with them…right?

I don’t think my child is trying hard enough. What can I do?

Should I punish my child because I believe their grades are not the best they could do?

My child is failing one or more subjects. Is there time to help them get a passing grade?

How can I help my child when I don’t understand the material?

My job is really time intensive and stressful so I don’t have the time needed to help my child what can I do?

So how do we answer these questions? Usually the answer is derived through dialogue with the parent so we can understand the situation, it’s history, and the dynamics that are at play. Usually there is not just one solution or answer to these questions. In the next couple of posts here I’ll explore each of these questions. If you have any additional questions please send them over!

For now one of the best things to know is that just by asking these questions you are starting to help your child and their chance for success in today’s ever changing academic world. Soon you’ll even need to know how to read the schools progress report that will be completed by NYS Education on each school and school district in New York State. The nice thing is that there will be times where knowing that information may be important in knowing why or why not your child is learning as mapped by the Common Core Standards.


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