Sunday Morning Shout Out

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Can you say Arctic? After last winter’s mild temperatures, this current stretch of frigid days is noteworthy. If you are like me and probably your school aged children, you might wonder what constitutes a snow day in the eyes of your school district. WGRZ featured a piece this past week that summarized one reporter, Pete Gallivan’s survey of Erie County school superintendents on the issue.

While certain parts of Western New York have been blanketed by snow this past week, other areas have just had a few inches. We all have had temperatures more suitable for polar bears than people.  When should a school close? The survey found that a wide variety of factors are used to make this determination, not one magic formula. They include: temperature/and or wind chill; the amount of snow; road conditions; how many children walk to school within the district; and how many students rely on custodial care at the school (i.e. do not have any other reliable source for a nutritious meal). It also said superintendents look at weather forecasts. They have their own maintenance departments weigh in on matters. Additionally, they often consult with local law enforcement to get a further sense of the roads and conditions in communities. All superintendents indicated they do not make this determination lightly, for all the families at stake in any given district.

I must confess, I get excited for school closings like my children. I say bring it on and I’ll run and get the hot chocolate and the ingredients to make cookies…


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