What Is The Appropriate Age?

My Daughter and I were in JC Penney the other evening. On our way to a checkout we had heard a young girl about seven years-old singing and being very spirited. She wasn’t great but she wasn’t too annoying. We checked out and walked past the girl and after we passed her I asked my daughter what she thought of her. My five year-old’s comment was that she was luck because she had a phone. I was amazed since it didn’t initially register for me that she did have a phone but upon looking back she certainly did have one.

I asked my daughter if she thought that was good and she said yes. I asked what she would do with a phone and she said she could talk to her friends. She went on to say that she even knew one of her friend’s phone number.  The number was 711.  Thinking for the future, I was wondering what other people thought would be the best, most appropriate time to get their child a phone.  I think it is about 15 because then they have a bit more maturity and respect for the cost. By this time they have also been given quite a bit of education (in school and at home) about the responsibility that comes from using a phone as well as the internet.

What do you think? Am I wrong to think a child under 10 years-old is too young to have their own phone?

A study conducted in 2011 by Pew Research and referenced in an article titled When is Your Child Old Enough to Own a Mobile Phone? by Ralph Winn “revealed that approximately 75% of kids aged between 12 and 17 had mobile phones. Most of these kids were given the cell phones by their parents even before reached adolescence. The research went further to reveal that nearly 57% of 12 year old kids had their own cell phones. It is important to point out that these statistics are of the US. There are nations where children below the age of 10 already own cell phones, for example, in Finland children as young as 8 are carrying cell phones.”


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  1. I think it is different for each child, my son is 11, and I gave him a cheap “go phone” so he can have communication when he is at his fathers, but I refuse to give him something with bell’s and whistles because he does not have good decision making skills. I grappled with this for months before I finally got the phone, because I think he is too irresponsible and immature for it, and I get tired of having to “manage” it for him.
    But he needed to be able to communicate with me when at his fathers without being listened to by the fathers wifeypoo.

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