Looking For Something To Do?

RMSCLogo_100WEBThis winter break for many schools in WNY can be tough for parents who are looking to keep their children active, learning and engaged. With the economy still very tight, gas prices going ever higher and families cautious about spending it generally means Disney vacations are not the norm for most of us. Add to that the difficulty of getting time off (paid or unpaid) and there is a real dilemma for parents.

Today we were able to mix a business trip to Rochester with a trip to the Rochester Museum of Science (RMSC) with my daughter and her cousin. The trip worked out great and we made great use of the drive (45 min.) and the seven hours at the museum. Personally, I grew up going to the Buffalo Museum of Science so going to Rochester Museum for the first time about four years ago was a bit odd. However, each time I go to the Rochester Museum I keep getting a deeper appreciation for the facility, the staff and the diversity of their exhibits.


The facility is very much a ‘hand-on’ learning center and this helped keep the children curious throughout the day and I have yet to hear anyone say they were bored or wanted to leave. Today was Pirate day at the museum and the extra activities genuinely kept a 5-year-old and a 10-year-old active and inspired all day! I’d highly recommend the museum to anyone visiting the areas or who lives in the area. I’d also suggest getting a membership since it pays for itself after two visits and it also allows you to visit 200 other museums in the country for free or at a drastically reduced price.

On the ride home we asked my daughter what her favorite part of the museum was and she said ‘all of it’! Thanks RMSC


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